Grants to Carers Groups

There is a grant available to Carers’ Groups and Groups whose primary purpose is to support those with a specific illness or condition but also supports their unpaid carers. The Grants to Carers Groups is available to Groups with a minimum of 55% of those attending the Group who are current unpaid carers.

The maximum grant available is up to £250 within any financial year. New Carers’ Group established through the year may apply for a start-up grant of up to £200. The money is to be spent for the benefit of the carers and can be put towards carers’ outings, rent for room hire,etc.

Groups are not required to be registered as a charity or have constitution but they must have a bank account and have a member designated to deal with accounts.

For more information and an application form please contact Sarah on 01924 305544 and also check our eligibility criteria form on our Publications page

Registered Charities